Nature speaks when we listen

I’m not always good at being quiet.

Externally I definitely am, but internally there is a lot going on and often a lot of noise.

Sitting outside on my porch this morning I noticed how my front yard was teaming with early morning life.

It was too early for any cars or people to be put and about so the non human life were up and about.

Two squirrels played tag in the trees next to me, bunnies chewed grass, a woodpecker looked for a good spot on the tree in front of me, and a bunch of boy birds flirted with the girl birds. One little squirrel actually walked right inside our little gated porch area and stood up on his back legs when he noticed me.

There’s probably some analogy here about how nature speaks when we are silent enough to listen, but I’m not sure how to put it in pretty words.

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